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ACPA Certified

Puro Alentejano Heritage

100% Alentejano
- Our pigs come from a line of Purebred Alentejano pigs that we directly imported from the Portuguese Government bloodline, under careful supervision of ACPA and the Portuguese government. Alentejano Pork is the highest quality pork available in the world due to its unique flavor, rare intramuscular fat and abundance of nutrition.

Acorn Fed
- We import Mediterranean Acorns and nuts directly from Portugal and Spain in order to maintain the critical diet required to maintain the highest-level of quality. This nut based diet and more specifically the acorns is the basis of the sought after intramuscular fat this pork is prized for.

Pasture Raised
- We raise all of our pigs in open-air pastures which leads to happy animals, high quality meat and healthy environments. Exercise is not only humane, responsible and required by the ACPA, pasture-raising, much like how the pigs are raised in Southern Portugal, is also a critical piece of the formula to ensure the fat, muscle and overall quality of the pig develops.

Hormone Free
- Puro Alentejano iberian pork is always antibiotics free, non GMO – just like how it is available in Portugal. We are dedicated to serving you wholesome pork, always.

Individual Attention
- Each of our Alentejano pigs is a prized possession, not a number, and we treat them that way. We do not mass produce, keeping our farms small and controllable to ensure they get the attention they need. All of our pigs are individually monitored, cared for with dedicated veterinary supervision to ensure they stay healthy animals. Healthy animals lead to healthy pork which helps create healthy humans.

Puro Alentejano Pork

Health Benefits

B1, B2, B6, B12, B3 (niacin), E…
• Folic Acid
•Omega 3 & 6 (through alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)). This compoung can be found inside the muscle, in the marbling fat deposition
• Oleic acid fat(monounsaturated fat).
•Iron, four times the amount provided by the vegetables where this mineral can be ound, and also much more bio-disposable
• Zinc (Zn), very important for our diet, howevr it is hard to find good sources of it.
• Our meat is a VERY LOW source of cholesterol (half of that from other cured pork);
our pigs

Authenticity is our number one priority

If you like authenticity, you will love our products.

We have divided the rating of our Puro Alentejano into four categories; Taste, Palate, Texture and Flavor.

When you try our Puro Alentejano what you first experience is the texture. Unlike others we reproduce the authenticity of the Puro Alentejano by using old world techniques, from pasture to carving that keep its taste, palate and flavor to its origins.

With no other human intervention time and patience bring the authenticity to our products.

Taste 95%
Palate 95%
Texture 96%
Flavor 98%